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I suspect the author of this article:

"Glock Has Unveiled a Pistol Barely Larger Than the Palm of Your Hand. Great."

has never actually seen or held a Glock model 43.
It unfortunately become pretty common for media to talk about firearms with little knowledge and then be outraged at their own untrue statements. 

For fun I just snapped a couple pics of my Glock 43 (the exact model discussed) in my hand -- sshhh about the 42 because that would expose quite a few mistakes in the article and cause even more feigned outrage.

You tell me if you think that the 43 can be easily hid in the palm of someone's hand. More like a #facepalm to the face.


Sorry for the poor pic quality, I literally just snapped them with my iPhone.

Glock 43 Palm image 1 Glock 43 Palm image 2



Hello all,

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The password schemes from Wordpress, however, do not translate over so the password will be: instructor
You can also reset it, I have also changed from PHPmail to authenticated SMTP mail.

I want to thank Lou for helping test a number of functions on the new site!
I hope you guys like it.







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