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Tuesday, 15 March 2016 16:52

Today's unplanned downtime...

was a result of the old (Wordpress) site being hacked - yet again.
It is one of the reasons that I moved to this new site. 

Unfortunately, when my host detects malicious files they shut the whole domain down. 
If you are wondering why it is still running, it is because all the legacy posts have their images hot-linked to it.

I will be working on a way to freeze the old site so that we aren't impacted here again. 



Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley at the Future of War Conference had some specific and strong opinions about the selection of a new standard sidearm. Some people may not like what he said.

'Shaw said soldiers don't like the M9 and would much prefer some type of .45 caliber handgun.
“If I had to pick, I would lean towards a Glock 17 or 19 or their .45 model," he said.
"They are easy to maintain and you can beat the hell out of them.”

Shaw also says that another replacement for the M9 would be the one that it originally replaced.
“The 1911," he said. "The .45 caliber is a much better weapon now.” '

Tuesday, 08 March 2016 11:05

WA State SBR laws fix passed - updated

Revised 4/1/16: Governor Inslee signed SB6165 into law! It goes into effect in 90 days after the session that it was passed. Since this was passed as part of the regular session I believe that will be June 9.  
This gives folks who want to do a Form 1 prior to the ATFE 41F changes a window that they can file (have to submit prior to July 14th) .



There was a glitch in the Legislature's fix for allowing SBRs. Unfortunately, the ATF interpreted it to disallow Form 1's from non-licensed individuals. 

The wording has been fixed and awaits Governor Inslee's signature.


CORRECTION: Speaker signed the bill 3/9/16 and has been delivered to the Governor.

 UPDATE 3/10: Governor has signed 10 bills and vetoed 27 as a result of a budget debate with the State Legislature. This bill does not appear on the signature or vetoed list (  If not vetoed or signed it becomes laws in 20 days (not counting Sundays).



Here we go again, although this actually doesn't change anything immediately since DC has been enforcing its show "just cause" to obtain a handgun permit. Of course, it will be appealed.

It seems even with the Heller ruling residents are still under the mercy of local government officials to carry their firearms. Even as all 50 States in the Union have some form of the anti-gunners still claim that citizen CCW is something out of the ordinary.


Today the West Virginia Senate followed the House and over-rode the Governor's veto of permitless carry. In 90 days W. VA will become the 9th state. 


Wednesday, 02 March 2016 15:41

Suppressor discount coming soon

Ssshhh....But I am pleased to say that after contacting a specific suppressor company that they are building out their website and information to add an instructor discount! 

It will be announced via social media in about a week. 


Monday, 29 February 2016 15:07

SIG suppressors are on the discount form!

I don't know if anyone else noticed but the SIG price list has a healthy discount on their suppressor line!

I called up my local authorized SLED (dealer) and was disappointed to find that they had none in stock. In fact, it appears that SIG recently went from a SIG-to-SLED model to a SIG-to-wholesaler-to-SLED model, but unfortunately the supply and logistics are not currently worked out. 

One can only imaging the backlog and demand created by ATF41F. Additionally, my dealer told me that SIG doesn't run suppressors all year round so they are generally an allocated item.

What does this mean? My SLED probably will not being seeing any prior to implementation of 41F in July. However, the prices look to be good enough to be worth the wait. 

I was very impressed with their new line of suppressors at SHOT Show. If you haven't already seen it, please take a look at my blurb with pics here:

Justice Thomas nails it: 

"Thomas then caught her by surprise, asking whether a misdemeanor conviction of any other law 'suspends a constitutional right.'"


"Ms. Eisenstein, one question," Thomas said. "This is a misdemeanor violation. It suspends a constitutional right. Can you give me another area where a misdemeanor violation suspends a constitutional right?"

Source: Justice Thomas asks questions in court, 1st time in 10 years

Virginia Governor McAuliffe today signed a gun control compromise bill. If you remember, recently the AG revoked the CCW reciprocity of 25 states. I originally blogged about it here:

The Republicans in the legislature were introducing all kinds of bills to counter act the AG decision, including one to recognize all other states' CCW licenses. However, the Governor and the legislature actually worked together to craft a bill that both sides would like. A compromise! Which of course the Gov. came under fire for. Funny, I thought it was the pro-gun folks who were unreasonable and never compromised? They added a section about people with permanent restraining orders being ineligible to possess firearms and removal of them by law enforcement. Additionally, there will now be a VSP presence at gun shows for voluntary background checks:

As far as the complaint that VA resident ineligible to have a VA CCW getting one out of state - many states have a provision that residents cannot use an out-of-state CPL. I am not sure why they just didn't add that.

Well, this saga draws to a close as a done deal and I will be able to carry once again in my home state:


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