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Sunday, 29 November -0001 16:00

Glock 19c ports vs Magnaported Glock 43

I got a request for some comarison pics of my Magnaported Glock 43 with my Glock 19c. But first, just a few words about the 19c. Despite hearing many times that they are discontinued they are not. In fact, Glock just released a batch of them for this year's "Glock Summer Special"



A few words about my Glock 19c. It is a Gen4 and is made in the U.S.A. It is noteworthy that it is the only Glock that I have ever owned or shot (a lot) that I have ever had problems with. Now, I will caveat this with the fact that I was using very old factory target ammo that is not exactly known for being high powered (i.e. cheap). I am talking about a few failures in the first 100 rounds or so. I am pleased to say that after 300+ rounds, it runs like a champ. However, it is very out of the ordinary so noteworthy. I know that over the 19c's iterations that they now make a cut into the top of the hood  - we know there had to be a reason for it. But, it is only one example, so take it for what it is worth. 

And now the requested pics:


Notice how big the Glock slide ports are (right) compared to Magnaport's (left)
Glock 43 Magnaport vs Glock 19c



Comparison of the barrel ports vs slide ports (19c top, 43 bottom)


Notice the top of the barrel. The 19c (top) has a cut in the middle of the hood


Top 19c - the barrel port is so much smaller than the slide port

Friday, 02 June 2017 15:40

Glock 43? Let's MagnaPort it!

Somebody asked me how I liked my Glock 43, which was purchased as a summer carry/backup. I absolutely love the size and the quality. Slap a Taran extension mag plate and it is a perfect size.
What I was not super impressed with is the trigger and the muzzle flip. To be honest, I would rather shoot any of the micro-9mm's over it or even my Glock 27.

They really didn't do any work on the connector and the small space changed the geometry enough to impact it negatively. I also installed the Taran connector, and while cleaner it didn't make much of a difference on that initial take up. Even after a quick call and polishing out some of the surfaces leads to an trigger not as nice as say a (gasp) Shield or XDS. But, it is doable, and I see that Lone Wolf now has theirs out.

The little pistol flips a surprising amount in my hand. Again more than some of the competitors including the P938. I fixed that though.

MagnaPort did a spectacular job!! The recoil is negligible - it shoots like a 19 now. The cuts are clean and the blast is vented WELL away from the pistol and the sights.
I also own a 19c and to be honest -  MagnaPort does a much better job.

With some night sites it will make a great summer/backup pistol.


Thursday, 01 June 2017 11:50

Range time with the CZ P10

The CZ P10 has generated a lot of buzz. I am a long-time CZ fan and I was surprised to see them out as I have only seen a handful of P-01 Omegas and they were introduced and displayed at SHOT 2016. However, folks do appear to be getting P10's so I guess that their Glock 19 competitor  is where their focus is. Shouldn't be too surprising since the Glock 19 is their best seller. But I digress. I had high hopes for the P10 but being a Glock "knockoff" (as some are calling it) I wasn't sure of what to expect. 


Lots of write ups and videos have been done on the pistols details so I will just give my impressions:

First and foremost is a straight shooter - very accurate out of the box. Very easy for anyone used to striker pistols to pick up and shoot.

Build quality of the pistol is very good. I have always been impressed with CZ's QC. The only very minor exceptions are mentioned below.

The grip fits the hand ergonomically and the trigger is very good - think 3.5# connector-ish with a slightly stronger initial pull (but nowhere as heavy as say a NY1 trigger spring).

Gone is the classic Glock "sproing" when firing! Also, the reset is an almost instant click (for those focusing on this feature).


Recoil is negligible, not that a 19 has recoil, but I would rather shoot a P10 all day over a 19. VERY comfortable to shoot. 


The only negatives I potentially saw...

The rear grip is sharper than I expected. Not bad, but noticeable. Similar to the FNX back panel that I never use.The range gun didn't have the option to switch it out.  

I didn't have a Glock to hold side-by-side but the P10 does seem marginally bigger. I know that they are supposed to take the same holsters, so maybe that is because the P10 sides are not flat. I wish I had a holster on me to try. I wonder if it will conceal as well as a 19/23/32.


I know that recoil spring assembly (RSA) has little function other than to keep the spring properly "guided" (straight), but every semi-auto has one and they are all pretty much the same. The P10 RSA is a plastic captured unit with a flat spring. Spring was pretty much on par but the guide rod felt cheap. The end on the range pistol was a little chewed up. Cosmetic-only but stuck out on a range pistol only out for less than a week. I regret not getting a picture of it, but if I did you see how minor of a complaint it is.

Perhaps the guide rod was a victim of improper re-assembly which leads me to my next observation - the guide rod notch on the barrel. It is very small and it would be easy to attempt to assemble it with it off. I did a get a picture of it, and it looks pretty good, but the rod doesn't positively snap-in like my other striker pistols. However, it's not bad as say a S&W 3rd gen where if you weren't careful you could launch the non-captured rod and spring across the range.


Anyway, those are minor points - overall this is a great pistol and I think that CZ has a winner! I am definitely getting one, right after my P-01 Omega :)


Obligatory pics:



Wow. It looks like the CA DOJ has modeled their "assault weapons" guidelines off of the NFA. Engraved with a CA specific SN? That is insane. 
This is exactly the type of thing that gun owners complain about regarding gun control legislation - it NEVER ends. You may have been legal during the last two assault weapon bans, and even complied with the ridiculous requirements like the gun being on the "safe to own exclusively in CA list" and the bullet button ban rendering mag changes impossible without a tool but ... how about "featureless" rifles? .... but .... engraving!!  

and there is NEVER and end to the anti-gunners' "but..." part. There will always be one more thing. 

Anyway, here is a link to well-written article which also includes a picture of the new application:




The Kahr Arms Pricing and order form is now online.

I was hoping that they still had the 1927A1's still available, but they have not for awhile. I just kind of want one :)
Pricing on the "value series" is very nice. Pricing on the P's has held for quite a few years, which is nice.



Tuesday, 04 April 2017 14:27

2017 CZ and Dan Wesson now available


I have received many requests for this and got it today. I will warn you though, last year I inquired on a number of products and was told that the only thing readily available for the program were P07's and P09's due to demand. It looks like this year the program reflects this. There are no CZ75 variants listed. :(

And before anyone asks, also removed: Scorpion EVO pistol, and definitely no P10. 


Hello all,

My apologies that I have been a little slow on starting to compile the NRA Instructor discount programs for the year. I have started, however, and now have Ruger and Sig Sauer in the price list section.
If you have any already I would be appreciative if you forwarded them our way.

Thank you! 


Thursday, 19 January 2017 22:28

US Army selects a SIG as standard sidearm

{jcomments on}Source:

This has been going on so long that I have lost track of what everyone submitted but if it is anything like the P320, I think folks will be impressed. 

Not much for details yet. 

The media and anti-gunners continue to proclaim the "smart gun" as the next big thing and something that has been opposed by gun nuts.
The truth however is that they simply are not reliable.

Here is an article from today:

The decry the fact that no one has made a firearm that works with a fingerprint sensor - like your phone:

“Why did it take four and a half years to put a fingerprint reader on the side of a gun?”


 "I think it could really be the future of firearms”


Seriously? I have had Androids and iPhones with the fingerprint sensor. It is neat but I sure wouldn't want to rely on it. You have to have your correct finger in the right spot. Heck, it doesn't even work when it is wet and your firearm has to be charged? Imagine relying it in a life and death situation.

As the NSSF Rep. in the article said: 

“The firearm has to work. And a firearm is not the same as a cell phone,” Sanetti said. “The consequences of a cell phone not working are inconvenience. The consequences of a firearm not working could be someone’s life.”



As King County Sheriff (WA) said at the 2015 Smart Gun Symposium in Seattle:

"I’m probably the only person in this room who has zipped kids into bodybags," Urquhart told the crowd. "We pick up kids who have killed themselves with other people's handguns. We don’t like that." He also mentioned a statistic about over 500 American police officers in the past decade being killed with their own handguns by apprehended suspects—including one he personally knew. "Any tech to make that better is a good thing. That being said, [smart gun technology] is not ready for my officers yet. If it worked 110 percent of the time, I’d be interested."  Source:


So, new article about smartguns CBS. But, does it work?

Kloepfer said his gun is “relatively reliable.”


“I know, like, when I’m using it, when I’m testing it, it functions almost every single time,” Kloepfer said.


Well, that's earth shattering and news worthy. And when he demonstrated it for CBS? It failed. 
And they wonder why there is no market for this?


Well, anti-gun Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson has made good on threat to attempt to ban so-called assault weapons (based on language similar to the California definitions).
This ban would include all sales moving forward of "assault weapons" and of course "high capacity" magazines. Current owners would be grand-fathered in, until they are not. If I sound skeptical that this will satisfy the anti-gunners it is because he has also introduced an alternate bill if he can't get the ban passed - and the alternate includes a special LICENSE and TRAINING and age requirement (21) and a mandatory 10 day waiting period! Funny that this is not in the "ban" bill. You can bet that if passed - it will be next year.

Oh, and you can't be a felon - which you already cant. Felony means no guns - DUH. This is our state's attorney general folks.

But WAIT - You only have to be 18 to buy a rifle!
But WAIT - There is no training requirement currently for firearms or even a concealed carry license!
But WAIT - 10 days is longer than the current handgun waiting period! 

So, what can we surmise? There is no either/or option for these bills. Both of these bills are bad.



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