I am very excited that my HiPower 40 to 9mm conversion is now complete! I am also very pleased to say that it runs all 9mm ammo without a hiccup and without changing a thing! That took some work.
It will now run the weakest of off-the-shelf cheap ammo (which I can't say the same for my Glock 19c) all the way up to +P+!! Shooting 9BPLE out of it is like shooting 380! 

It is interesting to note that when I started the project 9BPLE was about $10/box. It shot up to $20 and $30 when it disappeared. It, however, can be had again for as low as $14.95. A bargain I think!



I will detail what was involved getting it to run and redo the whole project in a later post (it's sporadically spread throughout the blog now) but for now, here is the pic of the final pistol which I spent about 10 years to actually complete. 
I also want to thank and say RIP Stephen Camp whose advice and help on the project was indispensable -- who also, continued to ask me "But, why?" the whole time LOL.


Here is an obligatory pic. I think it turned out nice! 


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