Saturday, 20 October 2012 03:11

Ariz. self-defense figure Harold Fish, 65, dies

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Mr Fish's case is often cited as being the example of the possible aftermath in a self-defense shooting. In the end he was cleared and state law was changed but not before he spent time in jail and at a huge legal expense.

The prosecutor with a vendetta threw everything at Mr Fish and the jury believed it. They bought that hollow points showed intent to kill (vs the non-existent non-kethal bullets he apparently should have used) and that his 10mm Kimber was more powerful than even what law enforcement use -- forget that 10mm is a former FBI standard and law enforcement issued round and was, in fact, designed for law enforcement.

ID Channel had an episode on this case and the interviews with the former jurors were shockingly revealing. Several attempts on my part to get the show to update that Mr Fish was cleared and the law changed were unacknowledged.

I have made requests on their other stories for corrections updates and they did respond. Seems perhaps they have made up their mind and continue to run it showing Mr Fish guilty. So much inaccuracy and bias. I wont watch the channel now. But he was finally cleared legally even if ID won't acknowledge it.

May Mr Harold Fish rest in peace.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012 13:32

FNHUSA offers FNS (nightsights) $50 rebate

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It says that it started in August, but this is the first I have heard of it (from a direct mailer from FNHUSA).

But, as you may know I am a big fan of FN firearms, so if you haven't taken a look at the FNS here is a little incentive. Admittedly, I have little experience with them but will definitely check them out.


I like his writing style. Although I am a disciple of sectional density, I also think that the 357 Sig is highly underrated. Hard to argue that a 125gr @ 1350fps doesn't work! A Glock Gen4 is also very good platform for it. Now, if only it was the same price as 40...

Saturday, 25 August 2012 14:02

R.I.P. Mark Craighead from Mom With a Gun

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May Mark Craighead rest in peace. He was a pioneer in holster making (look how many copies there are now) and a gentleman to work with.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012 11:48

CPD Purchases New Firearms: FN FNS |

Written by|topnews|bc|large Can't get any better than being made just down the road!

This is a good review of a good pistol. I pass it on because rarely do I mention HK, and even rarer is a firearm review that references Carly Rae Jepson (pop music artist):

Wednesday, 25 July 2012 06:19

GunBlast and new Colt Delta Elite video

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You know I have to pass on anything 10mm related! :)≷=US

Wednesday, 25 July 2012 05:22

American Security customer service improvement

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Their customer service is much improved! But first I will describe my early skepticism...

A few years ago I have mentioned that I have had several instances of bad luck in dealing with American Security (safes). I tried to buy a spare shelf a while back with frustrating "they will call you back" and countless voicemails. After describing my problems to the place I purchased it they said that they had the same problem and they gave me a shelf from their inventory! Definitely a life customer there.

I had also bought a little S&W-branded (AmSec made) travel safe for carrying a handgun. It was finger pattern activated (or key) and could be bolted to an included plate that I was thinking of bolting in the trunk. My first clue of its quality should have been all of the S&W phone #'s covered with a basically "don't call us (S&W) call the maker AmSec" stickers on it. One day the safe just locked open...with the key in it. I guess I should have been happy it wasn't locked closed. I pulled the warranty card to find that it had looooong expired (I don't even think it was 90 days). It's now a paperweight.

These experiences led me to use my AmSec for only storing paperwork (the AmSec that worked), but to be honest I needed a bigger safe anyway. AmSec was not on the list of brands I looked at. But I digress...

Anyway, in all of AmSec's documentation I can't find the bottom bolt hole sizes. So the other day I called AmSec and was routed to customer service. It said that there was one person ahead of me -- and within a couple of minutes a live person answered!

She looked up up the bolt size (1/2") and even emailed me a pdf! Excellent customer service! Weird that their anchoring document shows a bolt with a PLASTIC expansion sleeve, but really the size is all I wanted to know. I include it here now. For my next safe (running out of room again) I will reconsider AmSec.


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