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Dutch Police adopt P99QA

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thegunwire (@thegunwire) tweeted at 8:37 PM on Tue, Oct 30, 2012:
Dutch Police Adopt Walther P99Q http://t.co/R53yVbze

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Previously, I had blogged that I didn't think that my Wilderness 5-stitch belt was as good balancing the weight of a heavy pistol as a heavy-duty leather belt. I few people questioned that statement pointing out that they regularly carry a 1911 with one. I don't doubt that, in fact I have also, so I decided to do a followup test.

The setup:
S&W 1066 10mm pistol (39.5oz unloaded)
Crossbreed IWB holster (actually for an M&P)
With and without a loaded spare mag in a Galco OWB mag pouch
Wilderness 5-stitch vs Galco SB2 belt (both 1.5" width)

The scenarios:
Walking the dog along trails, not heavy trekking but up and down hills quite a bit

I started with Wilderness because that is what I was wearing. The weight of the pistol quickly was noticeable. Within 10 mins my back began to hurt. I took the spare mag off and moved it to my jacket. It was marginally better. Not something I want to try again purposefully.

The next day I switched to the Galco belt and did the same trek. Much more comfortable. I was able to do the entire trek (about an hour) before feeling back pain. I did not have to remove the spare mag. However, again not my favorite carry method - far from comfortable.

Now the driving test was pretty much a wash. They both were comfortable (as much as driving with an IWB holster can be) up until they weren't. I didn't particularly like either after about 1/2 hour. I can't imagine having to draw IWB while seated in a car but it was a convenient comfort test.

I have not yet gotten a reinforced Wilderness Belt but I suspect that would fare much better. Again the 1066 is a pretty heavy pistol so your mileage may vary, but I think an all steel pistol is better served comfort-wise with a good thick leather belt. However, I don't hesitate carrying a Glock or M&P on the Wilderness.

Anyway, I stand by my initial evaluation.

Someone yesterday asked me what states honor what CCW licenses. I had to add the caveat that some states only honor licenses issued to their own residents. For example, I live in Washington but I have a Utah CFP, obviously as a non-resident. Florida honors a Utah CFP -- BUT only for Utah residents. Now, as luck has it Florida does honor Washington's CPL.

So, what states honor what is not always a quick and easy answer. To make matters worse it is not always the same. Some states add or remove other states. For example, New Mexico and Florida. First they were reciprocal. Then they were not. And now they are again. Best to check right before your trip!

The best two sites, IMO, for looking up reciprocity is Florida's site: http://licgweb.doacs.state.fl.us/news/concealed_carry.html
Utah's BCI:

Both have a lot of information and links to the other states. They are also the two most common CCW licenses used for interstate carry.

To answer the original question of what states don't honor out of state (non-resident) CCW licenses I extract the info from the FL site (so you don't have to) they are:

  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Michigan
  • New Hampshire
  • South Carolina


  • Well, it is time again to travel to California and I will be darned that I will not travel legally armed through my first two states because I cannot in the third (California).

    Traditionally, what I have done is--before the border I disarm--unload, lock my firearm up in a lock box separately from the ammo which is then locked in the trunk.

    There is much debate on possession of "high capacity" (meaning >10) magazines vs import into CA (the latter of which is illegal). This is now kind of moot, however--researching CA penal code shows that they have recently revised (or reorganized) the PC so that "high capacity" magazines are now considered a "public nuisance" and as such are subject to confiscation!

    The easiest option it to buy ban compliant (10 round) magazines. Well, that quite frankly just seems wrong. In fact, it made me order a couple extra "high capacity" (in CA) mags. Not for CA that is.

    So, it made me think...I have a few single stacks that fit the bill! I may get some flack but I think that a 5" 1911 is uncomfortable for driving long periods of time, however a Commander length is perfect.

    I am actually thinking of traveling with my S&W 1066. Why? Mainly because it is awesome and for some reason I don't have a holster for it (I do for my 1006). In case you didn't know I am a big 10mm fan. I happen to have an unused Galco Miami Classic II holster which I just ordered a High Noon Holster body for. I will let you know how it works out (driving that is).

    My backup choice if that doesn't work is a Glock 27 in a paddle holster. The sub-compacts just seem strange in a should rig. Close second was my P220, but I haven't had any range time with it in years. But, it would be nice in a should rig due to its lighter weight.

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    Beretta: $50 rebate on Storm and 90series pistols

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    I just recently heard about this offer:

    Saturday, 20 October 2012 03:11

    Ariz. self-defense figure Harold Fish, 65, dies

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    Mr Fish's case is often cited as being the example of the possible aftermath in a self-defense shooting. In the end he was cleared and state law was changed but not before he spent time in jail and at a huge legal expense.

    The prosecutor with a vendetta threw everything at Mr Fish and the jury believed it. They bought that hollow points showed intent to kill (vs the non-existent non-kethal bullets he apparently should have used) and that his 10mm Kimber was more powerful than even what law enforcement use -- forget that 10mm is a former FBI standard and law enforcement issued round and was, in fact, designed for law enforcement.

    ID Channel had an episode on this case and the interviews with the former jurors were shockingly revealing. Several attempts on my part to get the show to update that Mr Fish was cleared and the law changed were unacknowledged.

    I have made requests on their other stories for corrections updates and they did respond. Seems perhaps they have made up their mind and continue to run it showing Mr Fish guilty. So much inaccuracy and bias. I wont watch the channel now. But he was finally cleared legally even if ID won't acknowledge it.

    May Mr Harold Fish rest in peace.

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    FNHUSA offers FNS (nightsights) $50 rebate

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    It says that it started in August, but this is the first I have heard of it (from a direct mailer from FNHUSA).

    But, as you may know I am a big fan of FN firearms, so if you haven't taken a look at the FNS here is a little incentive. Admittedly, I have little experience with them but will definitely check them out.


    I like his writing style. Although I am a disciple of sectional density, I also think that the 357 Sig is highly underrated. Hard to argue that a 125gr @ 1350fps doesn't work! A Glock Gen4 is also very good platform for it. Now, if only it was the same price as 40... http://mygunculture.com/2012/09/14/gun-review-glock-31-gen-4-357-sig-glock-357-sauce-anyone/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed:%20MyGunCulture%20(My%20Gun%20Culture)

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