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Sunday, 30 December 2012 08:05

Speer answers "Can I shoot 40 in a 10mm"

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People argue this continuously. Yes, I know that people claim to do it all the time. They put a lot of trust on their 10mm's extractor to hold the 40 casing. It may work. Until it doesn't. It only takes one not to work to ruin your day.

Anyway, I was surprised to find this from Speer's FAQ: http://www.speer-ammo.com/general/faq.aspx#q25

Q. Can I shoot 40 S&W ammo in my 10mm pistol? The case is identical except for length.
A. No. Both headspace on the case mouth. The shorter 40 S&W will not be supported in the 10mm chamber, so headspace control is lost. You'll get misfires, blown primers, deformed cases and, potentially, gas jetting from the action. Always use the correct ammunition for your firearm. Don't cut corners!

Saturday, 20 October 2012 03:11

Ariz. self-defense figure Harold Fish, 65, dies

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Mr Fish's case is often cited as being the example of the possible aftermath in a self-defense shooting. In the end he was cleared and state law was changed but not before he spent time in jail and at a huge legal expense.

The prosecutor with a vendetta threw everything at Mr Fish and the jury believed it. They bought that hollow points showed intent to kill (vs the non-existent non-kethal bullets he apparently should have used) and that his 10mm Kimber was more powerful than even what law enforcement use -- forget that 10mm is a former FBI standard and law enforcement issued round and was, in fact, designed for law enforcement.

ID Channel had an episode on this case and the interviews with the former jurors were shockingly revealing. Several attempts on my part to get the show to update that Mr Fish was cleared and the law changed were unacknowledged.

I have made requests on their other stories for corrections updates and they did respond. Seems perhaps they have made up their mind and continue to run it showing Mr Fish guilty. So much inaccuracy and bias. I wont watch the channel now. But he was finally cleared legally even if ID won't acknowledge it.

May Mr Harold Fish rest in peace.

Saturday, 03 March 2012 07:58

10mm and Sirius Patrol - the elite of the elite

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I get asked about this occasionally and the primary source link seems to disappear/move:



There it is, in writing, proof that the world's most elite cold weather warriors carry Glock 20 10mm's.

The choice of a Sirius Patrol pistol was also determined  by concerns about encounters with aggressive polar bears. Most Danish units use 9mm automatics like the CF but the Sirius Patrol  learned  through hard experience that 9mms had insufficient 'stopping power' to deal with angry adult polar bears. As a result, Sirius Patrol members carry a more powerful 10mm pistols for self-defence, employing the 10mm Glock 20 automatic.[3]

and the footnote:

[3] The CF's 9mm Browning has begun to show its great age. The Danish approach to automatic pistols is well worth emulating. Perhaps DND should consider issuing a modern 9mm automatic to southern units and 10mm Glocks to northern Canadian Rangers as well as any 'southern' troops who are preparing to deploy to the north.


Here is another description too:


Slaedepatruljen Sirius - The Sledgepatrol Sirius (Arctic LRRP; Navy)

This very special unit maintains a permanent military presence in the arctic regions of North/Northeast Greenland. It's origins can be traced back to the WWII experience with "Operation Resolute", where a guerilla-force of hunters tracked and eliminated German meteorological stations. These stations would have provided vital weather forecasts to the German air force and navy.
In its present form, Sirius is based on small two man patrols with a dog sledge and 11 dogs. The service time is 25 months without any leave and the only outside contact, besides by radio, is the annual supply ship. The main patrolling activity is carried out in the 4 month winter period, where wind speeds of 100 knots or temperatures below -40 can occur. Under these conditions, the patrols must cover several thousand kilometers to complete their designated routes. This objective can only be achieved by using dogsleds, as snowmobiles would be noisy, require vast amounts of fuel, break down and be unable to warn against polar bears.  Ultimately: You can't eat a snowmobile in a survival situation!
The weapons carried also reflect the harsh conditions. Only bolt-action rifles (M17/M53) performs reliably. The standard SIG210 Neuhausen sidearm was recently replaced by the 10mm Glock 20, as the stopping power of multiple 9mm rounds proved to be insufficient against a polar bear. The members are recruited from the regular services and must be sergeants at least. They may not be married or otherwise engaged and the selection procedure stresses the psychological evaluation of their personality. Of course, they must also achieve top marks at the NATO Arctic Warfare School in Norway.

Alaska State Troopers episode: Alaskan Standoff

This was an interesting episode that I saw this week (2/26) as a resident shot and killed two moose with a Glock 20 10mm to save his dog from continuing to be trampled.

We know it was FMJ ammo as the AST asked the resident to confirm that it was not hollow point ammo. Why that makes a difference (from a LEO standpoint) I am not sure, but more penetration from a hardcast or FMJ would be better in this case any way.

When asked how many rounds were used the resident said it was about 4. hmm..appears that the 10mm is indeed a good defense for the woods and pretty good for hunting too.

10mm enthusiasts knew that, but there are always some that seem to want more proof.



I was actually going to write an article about DoubleTap and Buffalo Bore ammo but I was pleased to see that Jeff Quinn of GunBlast.com has just (Jan 2012) written an article on the same topic complete with his on chrono #'s from a variety of platforms! This is awesome since it is the rainy season here and because of the overcast can never seem to get my Chrony to work.

The 10mm PISTOL by Jeff Quinn via GunBlast.com

Anyway it is a great article with up to date ammo info for fans of full power 10mm ammo.


Tuesday, 19 April 2011 12:06

FBI SWAT MP5 in 10mm

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This is cool....click on primary weapon. Somebody still uses 10mm :)


Friday, 01 April 2011 15:03

SwampFox Ammo - now this is full power 10mm!

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2/2012 - ETA: Mike Willard of SwampFox has passed away (see post here), may he RIP. Here is some alternative full power 10mm load info:  HERE.


Got my SwampFox 10mm! Here are some pics of this well regarded, and verified velocity, full power ammunition. The first two loadings are clearly stamped "FULLY SUPPORTED CHAMBER ONLY" (i.e. not for stock GLOCKs and some 1911's like the Colt Delta Elite and pre-2010 Dan Wessons). The source is SwampFox Ammo (swampfoxammo.com) and they have been great to deal with.

The bottom box is a little slower and will work in all 10mm's. The bottom box is still no slouch at almost 200fps faster than the comparable Hornady XTP 200gr load. The Hornady 180 and 200 have proven to be very accurate bullets and that is why chose them in these SwampFox loadings.

I got the 200gr loads (in particular the 200gr Hornady FP-FMJ) as a woods (camping/hiking) load. it should be a heck of a "thumper." I plan to carry a 1006 (My new 1006 post) while out trekking around. In fact, one of the reasons for getting a 1006 (actually I got two) was to have a beefier pistol with a fully supported chamber.

Here are the specs:
200gr XTP and 200gr FP-FMJ @ 1325fps (supported chamber)
200 XTP @ 1240fps

And some pics (click on them to enlarge):

Can't wait to try it, should be a handful!

Well, in rebuilding my second 1006 into a 1066 I wanted to put in a 645 hammer because it has a half-cock notch. Why? Because it makes the double-action stroke shorter and reminds me of my Sig P-220.

I was warned that the roll over of the 2nd Gen S&W's was not as good as the 3rd gens (which the 1006 and 1066 are). I was given three sears to attempt to compensate for it: #2, #4, and #6.

The #4 is what the pistol had in it and the DA with the new hammer was HEAVY.
The #6 actually had the best DA and SA pulls BUT the break was HARD.
The #2 was the best compromise but the rollover was still noticeable.

I pulled it out and went back to the original hammer. Interestingly, I also tried my four different sears. The best and worst overall triggers went to the #4's (one was really nice and the other terrible catch on break).

Weird huh?

Friday, 11 February 2011 14:26

S&W 10's info

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Ok, here is some info mainly for me but may be of interest to S&W 10xx fans. I wanted to put a lot of the 10xx info together in one place. These have been compiled from various sources available on the internet.

parts diagram (holy cow -- there were only ~5000 1066's!):

manufacture stats:

FBI training diagram on lubricating their 1076:

FBI 1076 Training Manual (pdf):

S&W Ad:

Detail stripping the frame is pretty easy, if you know how to put the sear in:

FBI Adoption Report:

Saturday, 05 February 2011 08:33

1006 to 1066 - woohoo!

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So, the 1006 is a little long so I thought I would make it a 1066. :)

The 1006 has a 5" barrel while the 1066 is 4.25". Other than that the pistols are identical, but it changes the balance quite a bit and is obviously more carryable.



Notice the shorter slide length in front of the dust cover.

1006 with 1066 slide assembly:


UPDATE: 10/08/2011 more pics moved from Flickr and are available in this post:
My new (to me) 1006

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