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Voice of reason from...Marie Claire (!)

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I was surprised to read this article:
Why I'm Proud That My Kids Shoot Guns For their sake–​and everyone else's

which was published on and stands out as a voice of reason in a world of media where they are afraid of firearms.  It is a stark contrast from say which recently had an article where they are scared that people are going to hide Glock 43's in their PALM (see my post here

However, from the Marie Claire article:

"I've never understood the logic of avoidance when it comes to important issues that can impact a child for life. My philosophy is to meet those issues head-on. That's why educating my children about gun safety is so important to me. 

Fear is often born out of ignorance, and frankly, the general public's lack of gun safety knowledge scares the mess out of me. I've seen that education and parental influence is key in preparing kids for the real world. Whether it's their changing bodies, handling a bully, sexual curiosity, or gun safety, I will talk to them about it directly."


I wish that there are more in the media open to her viewpoint, or at least willing to learn.


Saturday, 20 February 2016 11:57

A Glock 43 will fit in the palm of your hand? Really Esquire??

Written by Reg Mathusz

I suspect the author of this article:

"Glock Has Unveiled a Pistol Barely Larger Than the Palm of Your Hand. Great."

has never actually seen or held a Glock model 43.
It unfortunately become pretty common for media to talk about firearms with little knowledge and then be outraged at their own untrue statements. 

For fun I just snapped a couple pics of my Glock 43 (the exact model discussed) in my hand -- sshhh about the 42 because that would expose quite a few mistakes in the article and cause even more feigned outrage.

You tell me if you think that the 43 can be easily hid in the palm of someone's hand. More like a #facepalm to the face.


Sorry for the poor pic quality, I literally just snapped them with my iPhone.

Glock 43 Palm image 1 Glock 43 Palm image 2



Hello all,

I am very close to switching over the site to this new one. If you had a user account at
it should have been migrated here.

The password schemes from Wordpress, however, do not translate over so the password will be: instructor
You can also reset it, I have also changed from PHPmail to authenticated SMTP mail.

I want to thank Lou for helping test a number of functions on the new site!
I hope you guys like it.







I get asked about Springfield quite a bit and it has been awhile since I inquired. They are always very prompt to reply.

Springfield currently offers the LE discount only to LE or Military Instructors. We hope to someday have a program in place for all NRA instructors but we do not at this time.”

I did remind them that S&W and Ruger offer programs.  So, hopefully one day!

Monday, 15 February 2016 11:39

Back after another hack :(

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*** If you are reading this you are on the NEW site (currently in testing)! ***






The site was hacked again, I was notified by my ISP (at least they gave me a chance to remove them before shutting the site down this time).

Sorry that we down briefly today - I also found some questionable files and had to clean them up - reverting to backup. I will be accelerating the site's move to Joomla.

Thanks for your patience.

Original article: Gun ownership does not make women safer from the Boston Globe

This is an example of showing that a study will prove exactly what you set out to prove.

First they attack the statement that a woman with a firearm can defend herself. In fact, they even go as far as to say that they have discredited its possibility by citing a particular study.

However, the study doesn't have anything to do with women owning a firearm!
Instead the study actually says that women, who are around more people with firearms are more likely to get harmed by a firearm.  mention of the rates of firearm ownership by women though.

Is that like the study that concluded that if you own a firearm, that you are more likely to get shot with your own firearm?

"The presence of a gun is the biggest risk factor for domestic violence deaths among women.”
Really? The "biggest" risk factor? So, if a woman knows someone with multiple firearms (gasp!) is she exponentially more in danger? Right. It's the gun(s), not the person - got it.

The article also strikes me as sexist in its implications that a woman cannot handle a firearm. In me experience, that is simply not true.

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