I think the confusion started at SHOT Show a few years back when Colt previewed a prototype for the Colt Delta Elite XSE (i.e. "enhanced") 10mm. However, the current production Colt Delta Elite does indeed have a standard barrel and bushing setup. Nonetheless, I keep seeing on the internet complaints about the bull barrel that it does not have.

Colt tells me that the XSE version of the Delta Elite is still in the works but not to expect it any time soon. With Colt selling as many 1911's as they can build and introducing new 45ACP variants every couple of months (double action Governments, New Agent, Lightweight Governments, Defenders in 9mm), etc. I am not surprised.

So, all of those complaining that they would not buy a Delta because of the bull barrel, well, it isn't. Go buy one!


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