It is good to see a court strike down the NH Department of Safety's ad hoc requirement that a non-resident first obtain a home state CCW license before getting a NH non-resident CCW license.
This was not anywhere in the law. 

"[W]e cannot disregard the fact that residents of certain states, like New Jersey, may simply be unable to satisfy state requirements for a license that differ from New Hampshire’s statutory requirements. Because the rules at issue here effectively incorporate into New Hampshire’s requirements for concealed-carry licenses the requirements established by other states for the issuance of concealed-carry licenses, the rules change the requirements of [the state statute], and thus, “add to, detract from, or modify the statute which they are intended to implement.” Accordingly, we conclude that the challenged rules — requiring nonresidents to provide proof that they hold resident state licenses in order to obtain concealed-carry licenses in New Hampshire — are ultra vires [i.e., beyond the Department’s powers] and, therefore, invalid."


I keep seeing this quote thrown around. Most recently it was tweeted by the Clinton Campaign along with a confusing and incorrect Venn Diagram. 
I had to wonder where does this number come from? The NRA rightly counters that its membership is PRIVATE and the surveyors have no way of knowing that. 

I did some quick Googling to so-called "Political/fact Check" websites and confirmed that they confirm them as "true". Hmm...

This one:
eems the most honest. They actually admit that they had to search for a source to confirm it. Talk about pre-determining things. 

"In March 2013, Lee Leffingwell, then the mayor of Austin, Texas, made a two-part claim that includes the claim Taylor made. He said 90 percent of Americans and 74 percent of NRA members support background checks of gun purchasers. PolitiFact Texas rated his claim True.

The key evidence was an article published in the New England Journal of Medicine on a poll done in January 2013 by two entities at Johns Hopkins University -- the Department of Health Policy and Management and the Center for Gun Policy and Research.

The poll was conducted online among 2,703 adults -- including 169 NRA members -- through GfK Knowledge Networks, which specializes in working with academic and government researchers to do polling online. It recruits participants randomly via mail and telephone.

The poll found that 74 percent (to be precise, 73.7 percent) of NRA members supported requiring background checks for all gun sales. (The margin of error was seven points.)"

Ok, here are my problems that should be obvious to any reader (except apparently for the authors of the article):

1. It was an ONLINE survey
2. 2,703 participants
3. 169 self-identified NRA Members


This is the basis for making the claim that 74% of NRA members support "universal background checks"!


When the validity was questioned by the NRA the authors responded: 
 " is a common practice in polling to ask respondents to identify whether they are members of, for example, a political party or other group."


169 online responses is how they justify claims about what the NRA Membership believe. 

Unbelievable. Remember that next time you read a "fact check."


Well, this is something that you don't see everyday....An assailant's jacket stopped NYPD bullets! What's odd is that his jacket was just a regular off the shelf Carhart! 
The guns? Presumably Glock 19's loaded with 124gr Gold Dot. 



"A sergeant and an officer fired a total of nine rounds at 46-year-old Garry Conrad on Wednesday, with one of the shots killing the depressed Broadway stagehand who refused to drop the blade at West 49th Street and Eighth Avenue. Four of the bullets got lodged in Conrad’s Carhartt jacket, sources said, adding that he was not wearing a bulletproof vest."

I am a little curious what they find out, as Gold Dots are kind of a gold standard for defensive bullets! 


And in other news, today at the White House the Secret Service did not have such a failure. Source:

"A Secret Service spokesman said the incident occurred shortly after 3 p.m. ET when a man carrying a gun approached a checkpoint on E Street near the White House. The suspect was given verbal commands to stop and drop the gun, and when he failed to comply, he was shot once by a Secret Service agent and taken into custody. Secret Service officers and an agent provided medical aid to the suspect, and the city's EMS said he was transported to a local hospital with critical injuries.

The suspect was shot in the abdomen, according to two sources familiar with the incident."

I believe that the Secret Service still carry 357SIG loaded with 125gr Gold Dot. No word on that assailant's jacket however.
And the internet caliber debates rage on....


Friday, 06 May 2016 16:57

Aimpoint instructor discount is back!

Written by

Good news, it has been a while since we have seen the Aimpoint program and it looks like it is hosted internally now rather than through a select distributor.
You can signup at:

where it appears that they have access to verify your credentials online.



With the President's new initiative on "common sense gun control" he has beginning pushing the development and adoption by the military and law enforcement. 

Source: (Google 'Obama smart gun' and you will get a plethora of reactions)


It seems that "smart guns" has become the new gun control catch phrase.

The truth? They don't work. Would you trust your life to your Smartphone's ability to recognize your fingerprint? Or how about your laptop facial recognition? The one that exists (Armatix) has failed miserably in tests and costs $1800. The company is in bankruptcy.


But the anti-gun media won't tell you that. In fact, they are trying to convince you that people do want them and that the Armatix is failing due to "activists" and "threats" against the company! 



From the second article above:
"Around 40 percent of gun owners say they would trade their current weapon in for a smart gun, according to a poll released last January by Penn Schoen Berland polling. " 


Sure. They know that "trade" means free, right?  


Ask ANY gun owner if they think that that an $1800 .22 pistol that works sometimes is a good idea and how many they would like to buy. Seriously. 

And if someone says "yes" ask them why they haven't bought one yet - because no one has.


The lack of reliability and reluctance for LE to adopt them was made abundantly clear this year at the "International Smart Gun Symposium" held here (surprise) in Seattle last year.
Noticeably absent was ANY gun manufacturer or trade or interest group. Why operate in the real world?

Although cited in press releases, what is never mentioned is what the KC Sheriff Urquart said: 

"I’m probably the only person in this room who has zipped kids into bodybags," Urquhart told the crowd...Any tech to make that better is a good thing. That being said, [smart gun technology] is not ready for my officers yet. If it worked 110 percent of the time, I’d be interested."




My take away? So, if they don't want them...force them.


Friday, 15 April 2016 18:34

Friday Pistol

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This will be my first attempt at reviewing pistols, accessories and just basically telling you all what I think about certain products.

First, a little about myself. I'm from the Western Maryland area. You know, the good area of Maryland. The area of Maryland where the rest of Marylanders come to defragment. The mountains of Allegany and Garrett counties. I am a Secondary High School teacher in training, NRA Pistol Instructor and Dad. My upbringing included mass quantities of firearms and hunting of all types so I have an idea what works for me and has worked for many others.

Obviously, I don't know it all and welcome your input on what I find....I've previously held an 01 FFL, sold bows but now focus on training new shooters for their Maryland Handgun Qualification License certification. We'll talk more on that subject later. My first review will be next Friday and will be the Glock 23, Gen 4. If you have something you would like reviewed tell me and I'll do my best to make it happen.


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