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Status of the EOTech (L3) Class Action Lawsuit

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Update 9/19: Settlement checks are being sent out.


Someone asked me if I knew the status of the EOTech class action lawsuit (Foster vs L-3 EOTech). The official website ( has not been updated in a while and doesn't show the results of the final approval hearing on 7/7/2017.
In fact, website actually has more up to date information, including that the order was approved and actually has a copy of the order. So what happens next? 

I emailed the law firm Heffler for more up to date information and received back:

"Thank you for your correspondence. On July 7th 2017 Final Approval of the Class Action Settlement was granted at the Final Fairness Hearing. Distribution will occur within 30 days of the class action’s effective date, August 7th 2017, barring an appeal of the final approval. Please visit for all updates on the case."



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