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Range time with the CZ P10

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The CZ P10 has generated a lot of buzz. I am a long-time CZ fan and I was surprised to see them out as I have only seen a handful of P-01 Omegas and they were introduced and displayed at SHOT 2016. However, folks do appear to be getting P10's so I guess that their Glock 19 competitor  is where their focus is. Shouldn't be too surprising since the Glock 19 is their best seller. But I digress. I had high hopes for the P10 but being a Glock "knockoff" (as some are calling it) I wasn't sure of what to expect. 


Lots of write ups and videos have been done on the pistols details so I will just give my impressions:

First and foremost is a straight shooter - very accurate out of the box. Very easy for anyone used to striker pistols to pick up and shoot.

Build quality of the pistol is very good. I have always been impressed with CZ's QC. The only very minor exceptions are mentioned below.

The grip fits the hand ergonomically and the trigger is very good - think 3.5# connector-ish with a slightly stronger initial pull (but nowhere as heavy as say a NY1 trigger spring).

Gone is the classic Glock "sproing" when firing! Also, the reset is an almost instant click (for those focusing on this feature).


Recoil is negligible, not that a 19 has recoil, but I would rather shoot a P10 all day over a 19. VERY comfortable to shoot. 


The only negatives I potentially saw...

The rear grip is sharper than I expected. Not bad, but noticeable. Similar to the FNX back panel that I never use.The range gun didn't have the option to switch it out.  

I didn't have a Glock to hold side-by-side but the P10 does seem marginally bigger. I know that they are supposed to take the same holsters, so maybe that is because the P10 sides are not flat. I wish I had a holster on me to try. I wonder if it will conceal as well as a 19/23/32.


I know that recoil spring assembly (RSA) has little function other than to keep the spring properly "guided" (straight), but every semi-auto has one and they are all pretty much the same. The P10 RSA is a plastic captured unit with a flat spring. Spring was pretty much on par but the guide rod felt cheap. The end on the range pistol was a little chewed up. Cosmetic-only but stuck out on a range pistol only out for less than a week. I regret not getting a picture of it, but if I did you see how minor of a complaint it is.

Perhaps the guide rod was a victim of improper re-assembly which leads me to my next observation - the guide rod notch on the barrel. It is very small and it would be easy to attempt to assemble it with it off. I did a get a picture of it, and it looks pretty good, but the rod doesn't positively snap-in like my other striker pistols. However, it's not bad as say a S&W 3rd gen where if you weren't careful you could launch the non-captured rod and spring across the range.


Anyway, those are minor points - overall this is a great pistol and I think that CZ has a winner! I am definitely getting one, right after my P-01 Omega :)


Obligatory pics:



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