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NOTE: Some files are restricted by request and you must be logged in and a registered Certified NRA Firearms Instructor on the site.


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txt.png 5.11 via ProMotive HOT
Date 2016-02-18 File Size 124 B Download 871 Comments: 0 Download
txt.png Adams Arms HOT
Date 2016-02-18 File Size 848 B Download 762 Comments: 0 Download
txt.png Aimpoint via ProMotive HOT
Date 2016-02-22 File Size 95 B Download 731 Comments: 0 Download
txt.png Arsenal Exchange 2 HOT
Date 2016-02-18 File Size 1.79 KB Download 689 Comments: 0 Download
txt.png Beretta USA HOT
Date 2016-02-18 File Size 180 B Download 1,201 Comments: 1 Download
txt.png Blue Force Gear

Exclusive to us 20% off for NRA Certified Instructors! 

Date 2016-02-18 File Size 308 B Download 96 Comments: 0
txt.png Brownells HOT
Date 2016-02-22 File Size 410 B Download 1,211 Comments: 1 Download
txt.png Buck Knives HOT
Date 2016-02-18 File Size 975 B Download 586 Comments: 0 Download
zip.png Burris Optics HOT
Date 2016-02-18 File Size 390.95 KB Download 1,346 Comments: 0 Download
zip.png Charter Arms HOT
Date 2016-02-18 File Size 1.77 MB Download 864 Comments: 0 Download
txt.png Columbia Sportswear HOT
Date 2016-02-18 File Size 164 B Download 711 Comments: 0 Download
txt.png Crimson Trace HOT
Date 2016-02-18 File Size 363 B Download 500 Comments: 0 Download
zip.png CZ-USA HOT
Date 2016-02-22 File Size 146.84 KB Download 2,451 Comments: 0 Download
txt.png Daniel Defense HOT
Date 2016-02-18 File Size 43 B Download 846 Comments: 0 Download
txt.png DVOR (OpticsPlanet group buy)


I am posting this here because the site has been very useful to me on several occasions.
DVOR is a group membership "club" which offers sales events of firearms related items. They run specials (daily, weekly, etc) that are sometime very good. What is available changes dramatically so I check frequently or when looking for specific items, alternatively you can sign up for their alert emails. I have purchased from them many times and have gotten great customer service and pricing.

Here is an invite link (it's free) if you want to check it out: DVOR invite.


As a disclaimer, if you use my invite link above, on your first purchase (and only that time) I do receive a small kickback credit ($10 I think?). Once you are member you can also refer people too and receive one also. I would appreciate it if you did use my link, as the blog is operating completely out-of-pocket. Please and thank you! 

Date 2016-07-18 File Size 0 Download 0 Comments: 0
pdf.png EOTech L-3 2016 Rev A HOT
Date 2016-03-31 File Size 55.74 KB Download 5,982 Comments: 0 Download
zip.png FN USA HOT

2016 finalized in March - price sheet and order form

Date 2016-03-07 File Size 66.42 KB Download 1,120 Comments: 0 Download
zip.png Freedom Group - Remington, DPMS, Bushmaster, Barnes, Marlin, H&R 2.0 HOT

2/25/2016: Updated with new information and files (it is now a zip file)

Instructions on how to receive the Freedom Group discount on Remington, DPMS, Bushmaster, Barnes, Marlin, H&R

NOTE: includes Remington Ammo (not Golden Saber however)

Date 2016-02-24 File Size 1.07 MB Download 2,373 Comments: 0 Download
pdf.png Henry 2016 HOT
Date 2016-05-09 File Size 8.76 MB Download 4,896 Comments: 0 Download
txt.png K Rounds (kydex holsters)

Local (Tukwila, WA) custom kydex holster maker. Very fast turnaround time!

Date 2016-03-09 File Size 174 B Download 16 Comments: 0
pdf.png Kahr Arms HOT
Date 2016-02-18 File Size 782.72 KB Download 3,534 Comments: 0 Download
zip.png Mossberg HOT
Date 2016-02-23 File Size 5.17 MB Download 1,532 Comments: 0 Download
txt.png ProMotive (group site) Info HOT
Date 2016-02-18 File Size 686 B Download 990 Comments: 0 Download
pdf.png Ruger HOT
Date 2016-02-19 File Size 249.4 KB Download 5,384 Comments: 0 Download
pdf.png S&W HOT
Date 2016-02-18 File Size 2.29 MB Download 7,084 Comments: 0
zip.png SigSauer HOT

Includes web site link, program instructions, list of SLED (dealers) and price list

Date 2016-02-21 File Size 198.79 KB Download 2,229 Comments: 0 Download
txt.png Trijicon via ProMotive HOT
Date 2016-02-18 File Size 94 B Download 899 Comments: 0 Download
txt.png Viridian Laser HOT
Date 2016-02-18 File Size 201 B Download 399 Comments: 0 Download
txt.png Vortex Optics via ProMotive HOT

40% off MSRP of listed items via ProMotive (see Promotive.txt) for more information.

Date 2016-02-22 File Size 41 B Download 926 Comments: 1 Download
pdf.png Wyndham Weaponry (the old Bushmaster) HOT
Date 2016-02-18 File Size 127.76 KB Download 1,421 Comments: 0 Download