This is a placeholder for projects (complete or not), how to, reviews, or things that have been done that might be of interest to others. I am still working on how it will appear. 

If you have anything that you would like to appear here, please let me know! 


NOTE: Projects below are posts from the old site and haven't been rewritten.



  1. Colt Delta Elite (new series) conversion from 10mm to 40S&W

  2. Custom FN HiPower 40 conversion to 9mm +P+
    2.1 Front Strap and Back Strap Stippling
    2.2 Removal of mag safety
    2.3 Robar NP3 refinish
    2.4 Re-removal of mag safety after Robar put it back in 
    2.4 C&S Trigger, Hammer, and Sear 
    2.5 Meprolight Night Sights & with Navidrex Grips
    2.6 BarSto 9mm barrel and fitting
    2.7 Finding a spring that works without compromising 40 capability

  3. My S&W 1006 mini-project
    3.1 Finding a 1006 (pics to be readded)
    3.2 Trying to add back half-cock with a 645 hammer & various sears
    3.3 Making a 1066 with a new top end
    3.4 Sadly, the goal of a 40S&W conversion barrel never came to fruition 



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