SwampFox Ammo – now this is full power 10mm!

By Reg

2/2012 – ETA: Mike Willard of SwampFox has passed away (see post here), may he RIP. Here is some alternative full power 10mm load info:  HERE.


Got my SwampFox 10mm! Here are some pics of this well regarded, and verified velocity, full power ammunition. The first two loadings are clearly stamped “FULLY SUPPORTED CHAMBER ONLY” (i.e. not for stock GLOCKs and some 1911’s like the Colt Delta Elite and pre-2010 Dan Wessons). The source is SwampFox Ammo (swampfoxammo.com) and they have been great to deal with.

The bottom box is a little slower and will work in all 10mm’s. The bottom box is still no slouch at almost 200fps faster than the comparable Hornady XTP 200gr load. The Hornady 180 and 200 have proven to be very accurate bullets and that is why chose them in these SwampFox loadings.

I got the 200gr loads (in particular the 200gr Hornady FP-FMJ) as a woods (camping/hiking) load. it should be a heck of a “thumper.” I plan to carry a 1006 (My new 1006 post) while out trekking around. In fact, one of the reasons for getting a 1006 (actually I got two) was to have a beefier pistol with a fully supported chamber.

Here are the specs:
200gr XTP and 200gr FP-FMJ @ 1325fps (supported chamber)
200 XTP @ 1240fps

And some pics (click on them to enlarge):

Can’t wait to try it, should be a handful!

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