Colt to return with 20″ Colt AR15 A4!

Updated: 06/29/2013

I put $ down on one these today. For the folks that don't believe it will come into existence - it is in the 2013 Colt print catalog and in the online "lo" version (these 2 catalogs are completely different by the way)

Last year, before the mad rush, finances required that I let go my BushMaster Govt (profile) 20″ AR15A4. This was a pre-Cerebus rifle and beautifully finished. It went to a good home to someone who appreciates it. I had always intended on replacing it with a BCM. But then the hysteria hit. I also forgot that one of my first rifles (a while ago) was a Colt Sporter Match HBAR. Regret selling it, but at the time I never used it.

BCMs are still impossible to get but I am happy to see that Colt will be returning to the market! You may have noticed that they have lacked a 20″ rifle, well, except for the neutered CA legal versions.

Here is the listing from Clyde Armory: Google them if you are not familiar. They are legit.

For me this is a must have! In fact, I am going to put $ down tomorrow! :)

Pic from Clyde Armory (click on pic to enlarge):

Here is a pic of the roll marks from ARFCOM (thread).

Click on pic to enlarge:


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