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Glock 21 and 30 factory loads chrono’d

I am a sucker for ballistics, although admittedly their value is often over-stated and people spend far too much time arguing which one is “better.” Choosing 115gr vs 124gr vs 147gr should not be a traumatic experience :) However, I find it interesting when we get real world data.

Here is a great thread from:

Some short barrel 45 (Chrony) ballistic results along with random thoughts vs 40S&W

Updated: 01/07/2013

Updated with additional loads and GL21 vs GL30 info

I really want something like a Glock 30 or an Officer’s size 45ACP pistol. Mainly because the shortest 45ACP I own has a 4.25″ barrel.

Colt Awarded Contract from U.S. Marine Corps – Guns & Ammo

in case you haven’t heard yet

New S&W 4566TSW Melonite!

Ok, non-believers (some people still don’t believe they exist) here is a pic of WVSP’s new S&W 4566TSW Melonite w/ Rail! It is from this smith-wessonforum thread.

The sku for the new pistol is 108263. So, if you are interested please contact S&W or possibly special run distributors (like Lew Horton) and let them know (I did). If they run them, I will buy one!

Any interest in scanning my original 45 Super info from the originator Ace Hindman?

So, this 45Super THREAD ON SIGFORUM got me thinking…

Ruger to introduce 1911 on April 18? Leaked photo..

So, supposedly on p 119 of “Combat Arms” there is an AD of the June issue of “Shooting Times” (confused yet?) with the pistol on the cover. Oh, and supposedly Ruger has a new pistol announcement on the 18th. Coincidence?

SwampFox, serious 10mm ammo

Have you guys heard of

They have been getting excellent reviews for providing full power 10mm (and other calibers). Several people on various forums have confirmed SwampFox’s velocity #’s which are amazing. I just ordered some myself.

Check out this 10mm 200gr XTP load @ 1325fps!

(WARNING: For supported chamber pistols only!)

Cool S&W 3rd Gen (4506) being fired

It’s from here: LINK

Click the picture to enlarge:

Recall on Federal 45ACP ammo :(

In case you haven’t seen it yet:

Details are in the link above, but in a nutshell AE, Champion, HiShok, and HydraShok that fall under these lot #’s:

38X628 to 38X765
38T401 to 38T414